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Private Music Lessons with Eric Kartchner


Option A

Monthly Tuition

$130.00 = 60 Minute Lessons

$ 70.00 = 30 Minute Lessons

* In-home lessons add $20.00

Option B

Quarterly Tuition

$380.00 = 60 Minute Lessons

$200.00 = 30 Minute Lessons

* In-home lessons add $40.00

Option C

Pay per Lesson

$40.00 = 60 Minute Lesson

$20.00 = 30 Minute lesson

* In-home lesson add $10.00

Tuition or lesson payments are arranged in 12 Monthly or 4 Quarterly installments that pay for up to 10 months worth of lessons (this is about 42 lessons) over a 12-month calendar year.  Tuitions are to be pre-paid or are due each month or quarter regardless of the *time off scheduled by the teacher.  Tuitions are not adjusted for cancelled/missed lessons and will not be rolled over into the next month or quarter.  Please pre-pay the full monthly tuition or it is due at the first scheduled lesson of each month, no exceptions. Quarterly tuitions are to be pre-paid or it is due, on time, at the first scheduled lesson in January, April, July and October.  A $10.00 late fee, per week, will be applied to all tuitions that are not paid on time. (please don’t make the teacher enforce this - PAY THE TEACHER ON TIME!)  A “pay per lesson” option is available, and the tuition is pre-paid or due at the time of the lesson, no exceptions.  Tuition does not cover or include the costs of materials, recital fees, service or membership fees that are outside the “scope” of the regular lesson per week.  These costs, if any, are paid by the student or parent of the student. 

It is essential that a student have a regular lesson according to the studio’s schedule.  It is the student’s (parent’s) responsibility to make accommodation for the studio’s schedule as needed and be present for a scheduled lesson.  This means that you must inform the teacher of any alternative plans (sport schedules, vacations, ballet class etc..) that interfere with the scheduled lessons.  This must be done in advance (at least a 24 hour notice - minimum) so that the teacher can, if possible, make room for the lesson at another time.  Make up lessons are subject to availability.  Last minute cancelled lessons and no shows will not be made up and the student (parent) agrees to forfeit the cost for the missed lesson.  Consideration is given to hospital emergencies or sudden illnesses.  Please see the *Scheduled Time Off section at the bottom for dates when there are no lessons.  Make a note of them in your own calendar. 

If the teacher is required to make plans and effort to be present and ready to TEACH every lesson, so should the student be present and ready to LEARN.  The teacher reserves the right to increase or change the tuition amount at anytime. A new lessons/tuition installment contract will be provided at that time.  All paid tuitions are not refundable with very few exceptions. (Mobile Phone User swipe left to view all options)

 *Scheduled Time Off (NO LESSONS) 2022-2023:

Thank you for your interest in Private Music Lessons.  I primarily teach cello, violin, viola, guitar and bass guitar.  Along with learning to play an instrument my students learn and develop in the language of music.  Sight-reading, Technique, Rhythm, and Theory subjects are metered and measured out progressively.  I am committed to being a thorough and gentle teacher.  I teach adults and children 7 or over.  To be put on the waitlist and receive information and updates:  Send an Email to or call/text 801-979-0684 (text preferred) and please provide your full name, preferred contact number, preferred email and a brief description of the lessons desired and for whom.  Please see the calendar for available times.

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